Video poker rules

Variations in video poker rules

The different video poker games are some way between poker and slots. It is exactly like ordinary poker apart from the fact that in video poker you are only playing against the house and not other players. You still have to have a good strategy and a good hand. The prize money is usually a fixed amount as well.

Most of the different versions give you the chance to double your winnings by gambling that your four face down cards against the card dealt by the dealer. You win if your cards are higher than the one dealt, if lower you lose.

Video poker gives you the chance to develop a strategy to improve your prospects of winning. The key to success is to learn when to keep your cards and when to swap. Some games will payout more cash for having certain cards meaning you may swap cards more often than normal.

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Tens or better

This is the most commonly played form of video poker, and can sometimes pay up to 4000 times your stake. You win when you have pairs of tens or higher. Staking max coins especially if you get a Royal Flush is what wins the biggest prizes.

When possible only keep cards ten or higher, only keeping lower cards if you can get three in a row or a flush.


Joker poker

Now this is like tens only you have a joker as an extra card. The great thing if you are dealt the joker is that is a wild. This is particularly good if it gives you a Royal Flush. It is worth holding when it turns a pair into a three. If you have three in your hand and have the joker then you win substantially more.


Double Bonus

The more serious poker players like to play Double Bonus as two pairs or four in a row will double their prize money. The prospect of double bonus more often than not changes strategy.